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Welcome to HeatSmart Connecticut with a couple smiling while looking at a computer

About HeatSmart Connecticut

The HeatSmart Connecticut Program was created by People’s Action for Clean Energy (PACE) to promote the adoption of clean heating and cooling technologies in Connecticut. The HeatSmart Program focuses on Air Source Heat Pump and Ground Source Heat Pump Technology (hereafter “heat pumps”). Future HeatSmart campaigns may include additional technologies such as heat pump hot water heaters and solar thermal.

HeatSmart Connecticut is a community-based outreach and education program.  It provides an avenue for towns and municipalities to work with heat pump contractors, and conduct campaigns promoting this technology through a group purchasing model. Additionally, HeatSmart campaigns promote energy efficiency by working together with local Home Energy Solutions (HES) auditors. The Program aims to increase awareness and understanding of heat pumps, and, where appropriate, increase their deployment for both residential and small-scale commercial buildings. HeatSmart is modeled on the highly successful Solarize Connecticut program.

Someone adjusting a heat pump

Learn the basics of what these remarkable machines can do and if they can make your home more comfortable and economical.

Someone installing the wiring for a heat pump

If you are an HVAC contractor with an interest in efficiency and like helping people learn about their efficient options consider becoming a HeatSmart installer.

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Our Towns

A HeatSmart campaign is a great way to promote efficiency in your town or city.

The HeatSmart Program

Are you interested in starting a program in your town? Begin by reviewing our program booklet which describes what the program is, why it is important, and how to begin. The booklet can be found here:

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